• Vol. 1:
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  • Hello! This is Shibata, reporting to you from the Monster Hunter Rise dev floor!
    For this special series, I will be interviewing the developers of the recently announced Monster Hunter Rise.
    I’m sure they have lots of stories to tell about all of the cool things they put into the game!

    Vol. 1

    Monster Hunter Rise Director
    Ryozo Tsujimoto
    To kick off this auspicious occasion, let’s start with Ryozo Tsujimoto, producer on the Monster Hunter series!
    - This should be an interesting interview! (He’s my boss after all)
    - Big Felyne by the way...
    Q1. Alright, let’s get right down to business! What are the main themes and characteristic of this game?
    A1. The theme is “a Monster Hunter that you can play anytime, anywhere, with anyone you want,” and we wanted to make a Monster Hunter that would feel good on a portable console as well.
    One of the main characteristics is the fun of traversal, be it by using the Wirebug to climb and fly all over the map, or by riding a Canyne to run across the fields at high speed.
    - It’s great that you can just pick up and play this game. You can just lie around on your sofa and decide to do a quest or two!
    Q2. I’m sure you must’ve spent a lot of time playing the game already. What would you say is the thing that impressed you the most?
    A2. How good it feels just to move around.
    You can really go to a lot of places on the map, and just climbing up cliffs feels like a fresh and fun new experience. You can climb on top of a mountain and then look down all the way below, where you can see monsters roaming around. Just figuring out how to climb a big cliff face in front of you can be a lot of fun!
    - And then you can actually go there!
    That’s right. If you can see it within the boundaries of the map, you can probably go there.
    Q3. Apparently, there’s a fair amount of people who think the Wirebug actions look complicated?
    A3. It’s a completely new feature, so it’ll take some time to get used to, but you don’t need to whisk around the map right from the start, and we made sure the game is fun enough without using the Wirebug.
    - Yeah, you can get by just fine with the classic play style.
    You can run around the field riding your Palamute without consuming stamina, and you can even climb vines like this, so you can reach some pretty high places with little effort. It feels really good! I hope everyone tries using their Canyne to get around as well.
    - The Wirebug can be used to attack monsters as well, so does that mean the player won’t be expected to fully comprehend that immediately either?
    That’s right. If you manage to incorporate your Wirebug into your combos, your repertoire of moves will expand significantly, but what that means is that you’ll just have even more choice on top of the already rich amount of strategy you normally have.
    - Each weapon type has its own attacks using the Wirebug (Silkbind Attacks), so we’d like players to experiment, and a good place to start would probably be the Wirefall, don’t you think?
    Indeed! The Wirefall can be a lifesaver when used effectively, so it comes highly recommended.
    Q4. At TGS recently, you gave the world its first look at live gameplay, and it was quite interesting to hear hunters talk during quests now!
    A4. Yeah, we received a lot of positive feedback on that. At TGS, the player characters only spoke Japanese, but you can also change this to English or Monster Hunter Language.
    You can even adjust the frequency of the voices, or turn them off altogether.
    Q5. Final question! When’s the next trailer coming?
    A5. I can’t go into too many details, but I want to release a new trailer before the end of the year.
    - I’m sure the fans can’t wait! Thanks for your time today!
    - e-Capcom merch!
    Final Comment from Shibata:
    Wirebugs and Canynes; there’s a lot of new features to be excited about, but it’s good to know that you won’t need to master them right away.
    I’m sure a lot of people will be happy to know that they can adjust the voice settings to their liking as well.
    There’s more news to look forward to, so stay tuned!
    Next time, I’ll be paying a visit to the Director!
    To be continued!
  • Hello everyone! Shibata here, reporting from the Monster Hunter Rise dev floor!
    For our second round of Monster Hunter Rise interviews, I’ll be talking to the Director, Yasunori Ichinose!
    I’ve been a fan of this series since I was still in school, so just getting to meet him was kind of a big deal for me! Enjoy!

    Vol. 2

    Monster Hunter Rise Director
    Yasunori Ichinose
    Q1. I’m sure you got a lot of fan feedback after Monster Hunter Rise was announced. Was there anything in particular that caught your attention?
    A1. I was happy to see the response to the Palamutes was extremely positive, not just in Japan, but overseas as well. A lot of people asked to what extent you can customize your trusty Canyne.
    We already revealed this information, but in case you missed it: you can change the shape of their ears and tail, and the color of their coat. We hope you create your own unique Palamute and treat it with as much affection as you would your Palicoes!
    I’ve been using my own customized Palamute for checking the game, and it’s grown on me a lot.
    - Mr. Ichinose shared his personal Palamute and Palico designs on Twitter the other day as well!
    - I’m playing with a yellow Palamute and a green Palico. I love hot dogs, so I colored them after my favorite condiments: mustard and pickle relish!
    We received a lot of reactions to the Buddies, but the monsters were very popular as well.
    We introduced 4 new monsters (and a few others): Magnamalo, Aknosom, Tetranadon, and Great Izuchi. We only showed their names and what they look like, but people came up with lots of speculation for each creature and it’s all been really interesting to read.
    I’ve seen a lot of fan art on social media as well, which makes all of us working on the game very happy. Thank you, everyone!
    This game has a very Japanese/Asian-flavored setting, so initially I was a bit worried what kind of response that would elicit, but people reacted very positively to this as well, so we’re all very satisfied.
    We want to create something new while maintaining the core Monster Hunter experience, so we hope you look forward to future information.
    Q2. You showed an exclusive first look at live gameplay at TGS. Was there anything you wanted to show off but couldn’t?
    A2. There’s still a lot of things we haven’t talked about yet, so we’ll keep bringing you new announcements as the release date draws closer. Of course there are still plenty of monsters, both new and familiar, that we haven’t shown yet. And there’s some new player-related systems apart from the Wirebug as well...
    In terms of stages, we’ve only shown the Shrine Ruins so far, but of course there are a few more.
    Some of them may even bring back some fond memories.
    - That’s some interesting news! I look forward to talking about the new player systems!
    - Now, I’d like to ask you a few things about some elements that have kept the fans busy over the past few weeks (from what I’ve seen).
    Q3. In Multiplayer, each hunter will be able to bring along 1 Buddy, for a total of 4 hunters and 4 Buddies. This means you’ll be able to take on monsters with a group of 8 characters at maximum, but will monsters actually attack all hunters and all Buddies?
    A3. Yes, everyone’s a target.
    Buddies will be attacked as well, but not quite as often as hunters.
    Q4. Does the difficulty of the quests get adjusted to the number of players in Multiplayer?
    A4. Yes, it does.
    We’ve looked at past titles for reference and tweaked the settings to fit this game the best.
    Q5. Can you explore the locales without objectives or a time limit?
    A5. Outside of the regular quests, we have some quests that allow you play without a time limit as well, so if you want to focus on exploration and gathering materials instead of hunting, you can do that to your heart’s content.
    - Thank you. I still have plenty of other questions, but I think we have to call it a day for now!
    - e-Capcom merch!
    Final Comment from Shibata:
    Mr. Ichinose mentioned the response we received to the Palamutes, but I remember being very excited when I first saw these cute doggos myself. I’m sure people will spend several hours just on the character editor alone, haha.
    I’ll be bringing you more updates in the future, so stay tuned!
    Next time, I’ll be talking to Kosuke Tanaka and Satoshi Hori from the sound team!
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