《Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package》 PlayStation 4版將於2017冬季發售

Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package

PlayStation 4版將於2017冬季發售


『Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package』PlayStation 4版將於2017冬季發售! 這裡除了介紹「DR4」的魅力外, 還會介紹PS4版的元素,以及將會同時期提供下載的新增下載內容!


以第一部『Dead Rising』作品的16年後作為舞台…主角是人類中最強的自由記者「Frank West」,故事就這樣開始。Frank是否能夠再次接近在Willamette 爆發的災害真相!?

『Dead Rising』系列的魅力, 高自由度的遊戲系統進一步進化。拾起並收集所有的物件再進行組合,創造出各種各樣的武器和移動工具。本作中,可直接穿上身的「Exo Suit」亦會登場,給一次又一次飛奔而來襲擊自己的喪屍群強力的一擊。


購買『Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package』的玩家可免費獲得所有目前為止於XboxOne和Steam上配信的同樣的下載內容。下載內容豐富,讓玩家從最初開始120%體驗「DR4」,在PS4上面享受最高的喪屍體驗吧。

【追加新模式 -「CAPCOM HEROES」模式】

『Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package』發售的同時亦會增加名為「CAPCOM HEROES」的新模式! 成為Capcom的角色,不只是外貌,還可以使用他們的能力擊潰喪屍。將有多個角色可供使用, 詳情請留意今後的資訊!



Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package

PlayStation 4 releases in Winter 2017

『Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package』PlayStation 4 releases in Winter 2017! Beside the charisma of “DR4”, below is going to introduce the PS4 elements and additional download contents available simultaneously!

【Gameplay introduction】

Story happens 16 years after the first piece of “Dead Rising”, Frank West, the strongest protagonist and photojournalist, returns! Can Frank once again uncover the truth of Willamette!?

The high flexibility of game system enhances the charisma of “Dead Rising”. By collecting and recombining all the goods, variety kinds of weapons and movement tools can be created. In “DR4”, “Exo Suit” which can be wore directly will also be on stage, gives a big hit to those zombies keep attacking Frank.

【All DLCs are available in FREE!】

BIG in features, BIG in content, “Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package” provides all downloaded contents available on XboxOne and Steam up to now in FREE. With rich downloaded contents, players can enjoy “DR4”120% from the beginning, experience the zombies on PS4!

【All-new “CAPCOM HEROES” Mode】

All-new mode “CAPCOM HEROES” also comes with “Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package”!  Not only acting like Capcom characters, you may also smash the zombies with its power. Various characters are available, stay tuned on future announcement!

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